Why Use Focus


At Focus Family Mediation, our  very experienced Mediators and Mediation Assistants work hard to make sure that you are put at ease from the outset until the process of mediation is complete.

This means that with Focus Family Mediation you should have a positive experience of mediation during what may be a difficult and challenging period for you.


At Focus Family Mediation we will always try to accommodate your needs, such as by fitting meeting times around your other commitments and using different types of mediation sessions, including joint or shuttle sessions, and also Skype in appropriate cases.

This means that we will do our best to fit the process around both of you which is different from how it would be if you went to court.


We understand the need to work with you to help you achieve effective solutions at your pace.  We will be in contact with you in the way best suited to you, for example by letter, e-mail, or text. Documentation will be sent to you promptly.

This means that Focus Family Mediation provides you with a very professional but cost-effective service.


At Focus Family Mediation we abide by strict professional standards specified by the Family Mediation Council. All our mediators are qualified solicitors and are either members of Resolution, The Family Mediators Association, or National Family Mediation.

Carmel Doyle is a qualified solicitors who has previously worked exclusively in the area of family law for more than 25 years. All our mediators are fully accredited by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out legal aid mediation.

For details about individual mediators please see ‘About Us

This means that you can trust us to manage the mediation process for you in a thoroughly professional manner.


We are not linked to any other organisation and are not part of a law firm. Mediation is different from using the courts or negotiating through solicitors (see Why Mediation). We think that it is important that at Focus Family Mediation, we maintain our independence especially for people who want to find their own solutions without the pressure, risk and cost of using the courts or solicitors

This means that you retain control of the outcome.


We provide an impartial process. Focus Family Mediation do not tell you what you must do (unlike courts) nor can we advise you on your legal position or entitlements (unlike solicitors). We will help you navigate a course through the different aims, expectations and concerns that you may each have to enable you to find the compromise that best suits you and your family. We will help you to identify the options available to you and look at any legal guidelines to help you to make informed decisions.

This means that we will not take sides and will not make judgements about you or your situation.


Focus Family Mediation is a long established Sheffield-based family mediation service. Carmel Doyle, Tim Evans and Jackie Lawson have all previously practice as family law solicitors in either Sheffield or Chesterfield.

We have a wealth of experience of helping clients achieve solutions both in relation to children and family finances.

This means that while no two situations are ever the same, we will have helped many other people with circumstances similar to your own.

Covid-19 Update

We wish to reassure all our clients that Focus Family Mediation is still open for business as we are able to continue delivering our mediation services remotely.

This means that until further notice our Mediation Informations & Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) and mediation sessions will be conducted via online video connections such as Teams, FaceTime Video, WhatsApp Video or Zoom and, in certain circumstances, telephone.

Please call us if you would like more information about how this works or if you would like to check whether you may or may not qualify for legal aid to cover the cost of a remote meeting.

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